Rokon Trailbreaker 1973

For about 30 years now we have always had one of these strange creatures in the shop.
2 wheel drive motorcycles never really took off with any of the big manufacturers but the American Rokon has been in production for over 60 years now. Targeted more at hunters and military, these machines could drag a bear or deer carcass for hours across the woods. The wheels were hollow and buoyant so you could wade the bike across a river without it sinking. If there were no rivers, you could fill one wheel with fuel and the other with water for a longer trek.
A shaft went through the frame and popped out under the handlebars which then drove a second chain to power the front wheel. There were 3 gears shifted by hand with an automatic clutch. These speeds were crawl, walk and jogging pace. Rapid movement was never the objective, only relentless unstoppable marching. Near vertical climbing was achievable and folding footpegs could flip up over the biggest logs standing in your way.
These days the bike can still be found new with lights and electric start 4 stroke engines. Just the thing for those doomsday prepping friends you don’t like talking about… This is an original 50-year-old example with a vintage 2 stroke pull start 185cc Chrysler motor. Truly the old Jeep/Landrover of Motorcycles!



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