Kekirawa, Sri Lanka


Awkana Buddha statue is the tallest ancient Buddha statue of Sri Lanka 12 meters height Standing posture sculpture built in 5th Cent. AD. As consider as a master piece of Sri Lankan ancient iconography which carved out of a natural rock boulder. On route to Awkana you will pass the drive along the bunt of Kala wewa (Tank water reserve) Awkana Buddha statue is located about 180 kilometers to north from Colombo, or 30 km northwest of Dambulla,close to the Kala wewa (Tank). It can be reached from Dambulla, Anuradapura via Kekirawa road.

According to the Mahawansha (great chronicle) The #Awkana statue is to have been constructed in the 5th century during the reign of King Dhatusena,(455AD-473AD), and under his orders.

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